A Few Valuable Tips On How To Get Your MLM Team To Perform

So how is your MLM team doing these days?

I bet you’re thinking they’re not doing enough and wishing they could do a lot better. Some may be sitting like duds and the others, well… there seems to be some activity but you’re deeply longing that they double or even triple their efforts to get things on an upswing. You’re craving for a rebound with the whole team rallying behind you as you work towards a shared goal.

Well you can actually get more performance from your team players with a few simple steps. But before I go into these, think back to your days at the university when you looked up to your favorite professor because he inspired you to be your best.  Or your favorite boss who still believed in you when you even stopped believing in yourself. Probably that professor was too tough on you at times or that boss thought you were some kind of miracle worker… but come to think of it – you’re not what you are right now had it not been for their guidance, their persistence, and their faith in you.

Are those on your team thinking the same way about you? Do they look up to you because you are steadfast and unyielding? Are you unshakable and determined in their eyes? Or do they simply see you as a leader who’s disappointed with their performance and efforts?

Well you can start getting you team going by changing the way they look at YOU! Bench warmers can become star players with a great coach and you can play the MLM game right with these tips:

  1. Look beyond the now and see what they can become. Most of us are stuck with the stories we’ve heard about people that we fail to see their potential for the future. Any person can become a leader when the right time comes, so your task should be to find that breakthrough where each of them can shine.
  2. Share your belief in them. It’s not all roses out there and there are moments in the life of every network marketer when hope is lost and everything else just seems frustrating. When this happens to anyone in your team, let them borrow your belief. It’s NEVER the time to agree with what they think; rather it’s the best time to reinforce your belief in them.
  3. Catch their right moves. If you’ve played with a team, you know how good it feels when the coach points out something you had done well. Rather than focusing on what they’re doing wrong, watch out for the right moves as often as possible. That will give them that little nudge to do more.
  4. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Don’t jump into conclusions. We often have the tendency to see the glass half empty rather than half full. Believe only in the best, and if ever you think there’s something negative about a teammate, let evidence be too overwhelming before you pass judgment.
  5. Know that no one is perfect but when efforts are focused on a common goal, you will achieve success. Perfection is not in yourself but in understanding that when you share a vision with others, things fall into place at the perfect time.
  6. Treat your teammates like VIPs. Everyone needs to feel important and it’s your job as the team leader to fulfill that need. Never forget this when working with your team members as this induces them to give the best of what they have to offer. In the world of MLM, everyone is important – your best team performer, the new recruit, or even that person who’s never done anything in the past year but continues to attend every meeting. Each of them has the potential to be the very best they could be.

In MLM, you have to invest in the thoughts and feelings of your team players. Take on these 6 simple steps and watch your team grow and perform!

If you have anything to share along these pointers I’ve mentioned above, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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